Registrations for 2017 are OPEN NOW

Register online now (follow instructions below).

Sign-on for 2017 are Feb 4th & Feb 11th from 3pm - 5pm at USC Rugby Club Rooms. View Map. If you have any questions, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How To Register

  1.  Locate your age group on this page
  2. Select from the option/s of how you wish to pay
  3. Click on that option and be directed to Rugby Link where you will follow prompts to register
  4. Payment during the online process is compulsory due to ARU/QRU/SCRU changes

Registration Options

1. Online Registrations View Payment Options

This is quite a simple process:

Every individual has their own unique ID and Password. This should have been sent to you via as separate email to the email address you have listed in the system.

  • This separate email should contain your id and password. (You need to use this) However, DO NOT USE THE LINK PROVIDED in this email as we have set up separate portals for each group and this link does not take you there.
  • If you do not receive this, you need to contact the registrar so that we can sort out what is stopping you receiving this email. (It may be that your email is missing or incorrect).

Under 6's and Under 7's

U6 & U7 - Full Payment Register now and pay the mandatory fee of $141.20 and receive $100 refund.

Under 8's to Under 15's

U8 - U15 - Full Payment - Register and pay in full - $275
U8 - U15 - Player Registration with Initial Payment/Direct Debit - Register and pay initial payment $175 and direct debit 4 x $25 monthly payments
U8 - U15 - Player Registration with Get Started Voucher - Register with Get Started Voucher

Under 16's and Under 17's

U16 - U17 - Full Payment - Register and pay in full - $210
U16 - U17 - Player Registration with Initial Payment/Direct Debit - Register and pay initial payment $150 and direct debit 3 x $20 monthly payments
U16 - U17 - Player Registration with Get Started Voucher - Register with Get Started Voucher


2. Registration Days at Clubrooms

2017 Registrations will be held at the clubrooms, at the University of Sunshine Coast (see map) on the following days:

  • Saturday 4th & 11th February 3pm-5pm

 Credit card on the day. If using Get Started Government Vouchers, please email a copy to the Junior Registrar or bring these to the sign-on days so that the details may be recorded and processed.

Fee Inclusions

Your registration fee includes all of the following items and services during the season:

  • Sunshine Coast Junior Rugby Union affiliation fees
  • QRU fee
  • ARU fee
  • Player Insurance
  • Facility fees including grounds maintenance, lights for training, medical officers on game day
  • Referees on game day
  • Coaches/trainers courses
  • First Aid Courses
  • Presentation
  • Break up day
  • 2017 USC training shirt
  • 2017 USC shorts, socks and training drink bottle
  • Use of USC game jerseys
  • 3 development round games
  • 16 season games
  • 20 weeks of training (once or twice a week)

Payment Options

Online Payment – It is mandatory that you pay online and you will be receipted immediately. The registration form will ask which payment option you wish

    • If you choose payment in full you will be taken to a credit card payment screen. This is a credit card payment with a 1.8% processing fee. Complete and submit the payment. An email will be sent to both the club and you receipting your payment and registration.
    • If you choose initial payment/direct debit you will pay the mandatory affiliate fees and direct debit 4 x $25 monthly payments upon completion of direct debit form.
    • If you are using GET STARTED GOVERNMENT VOUCHERS you will still be required to submit an online registration form and pay the balance remaining. An email will be sent to both you and the club recognising your registration with voucher. If using Get Started Government Vouchers, please email a copy to the Junior Registrar or bring these to the sign-on days so that the details may be recorded and processed.

Multiple Family Registrations

Once you register one player, you can continue to register their siblings. The last screen after you have submitted will offer you the opportunity to register another child. If you click on this it will take you back to the beginning to register your next child.


When you become part of a rugby team you will need to buy club shorts and socks, and have rugby boots (you are allowed metal studs and plastic studs, but metal ones need to be a maximum of 17mm in length). Mouth guards are recommended but not essential. Head gear and shoulder pads are worn by some players, but not all, again, it is optional. Rugby jerseys are provided by the club – please be prepared to take the team jersey’s home for washing when it is your rostered turn! There are also other club apparel items available for purchase, either at sign-on/registration day, via the apparel officer, or sometimes when USC rugby club is hosting a weekend round there will be an apparel table set up. Looking for second hand boots? Post your requirements on our Facebook page, likewise if your child has grown out of their old ones, why not consider on selling them via our Facebook page?


pdf160106_ARU_Insurance_Registration_Player_Clearances_-_Explanatory_Memorandum.pdf417.63 KB

For all parents and players, we provide you with the following link for full details of the Insurance Cover that is included within your registration.  The website shows:

          • what your player insurance covers
          • how you can claim
          • a copy of the Claim Form (Important Documents link)

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From the players...

I like to play rugby because it is physical and fun game. They say it is a game played in heaven and I understand why, its hard on the field but you always respect the other players. It teaches you teamwork and commitment to your teammates. My dad is also the coach and it means I get to spend more time with him and all coaches need help so your dads can get involved too.
Under 11's
I have been playing rugby at USC for six years now. Ever since I have been playing at Uni every season seems to be better: just by making new mates and growing stronger relationships with others. The best moments playing for Uni Rugby would have to be playing on a Friday night under the lights on USC’s main field then following the game having a sausage and drink with your team-mates, I also love when the Seniors come out of there way to watch all the Uni teams play every-week – it just makes all the boys want to win that little bit more. The club overall has a very strong culture and bond between the seniors and juniors; this shows at the Senior Grand final at USC rugby club earlier this year. Having all of us juniors run out the A-grade on to the field in front of 1000’s was an awesome moment for me and all the other juniors running them out. This just reflects the awesome culture between the whole club.
Under 14's
I've been playing rugby since I was 5. It's great for my fitness, and I've made some good friends.
Junior Club Captain 2015
I like playing for University Rugby because of the great spirit the Club gives and I like playing as a team with lots of my friends. My coach has taught how to play my part in our team and how to play rugby at my best.
Under 12's
Playing rugby for the USC Barbarians will be something I remember for the rest of my life. For the past 7 years playing here I have made life long friends, developed new skills, been privileged enough to have some of the best coaches and so many more great experiences. I’ve learnt so many skills, techniques and ways to play the game. USC gives everyone the chance to socialize and meet new people all year round. I could never imagine playing at another club other then USC, it has given so much to me such as life long memories, friends and helped me be the best I can be.
Junior member