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USC Rugby was founded in 1997 just one year after the opening of the University of the Sunshine Coast (then Sunshine Coast Community College). The USC Rugby Club plays in the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union competition, the local competition to the Sunshine Coast which is apart of the Queensland Country Rugby Union. 

Today USC Rugby boasts two Senior Grades, Under 19 Colts team and 11 junior sides ranging from U17 to U6s all competing in the Sunshine Coast District Rugby Union Competition (SCDRU). The senior competition traditionally has 5 teams from Fraser Coast in the north to Caloundra in the south.

USC Rugby is fast becoming the club of choice on the Sunshine Coast due to its commitment to nurturing the running game and it's strong club culture. Numerous programs have been put in place to host and nurture the development of individual players and officials, and of course the game of rugby union. USC Rugby has a very innovative philosophy for such a young club, believing that a club should not be segregated into teams but work as one united club. This is evident on and off the field with strong training sessions involving all players regardless of age or skill, and a social calendar that sees University as the envy of the district.

The USC summer rugby academy targets skill development, skill education and fitness for players aged between U11 to U18's. The academy is run by a collection of great coaches and current senior players through the months of November to March. 

Our club encourages our junior representative players with a rebate for all representative fees. Also we encourage our young players to join the Sunshine Coast Refereeing program where the young refs are paid to referee games of younger age groups. The more games refereed the more they earn!


The USC Rugby Club is based at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs Campus. This is a short 15 minute drive to the award winning beaches of Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and Kawana. The Sippy Downs Campus is handy to the Bruce Highway (Australia’s National Highway) which is the direct route to Brisbane (Queensland’s capital) just 80 kilometers away. It is also supported by ever improving public transport to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

    USC Rugby field layout

Rugby Programs

Social Program

As previously mentioned the social culture with University is what really sets it apart from its rival clubs across numerous codes. The social scene is not limited to the season, events such as surf carnivals, Men’s nights, ladies days, adopt-a-colt night, Golf Days, The Rugby Ball, theme nights such as wig night and Hawaii 5-0 night, and plenty more keep the club’s patrons entertained throughout the year.

Clan Wars

To spread the work load around and really break down barriers between all teams within the club a house style program has been introduced similar to the system used at school. Players have been segregated into 4 clans and will compete throughout the year in a number of tasks and events to get all of the work done as well as grow the club spirit.


In 2000, the club ventured to ‘the land of the long dark pint’, Ireland, for their first international tour. So successful was the Irish Invasion tour, that the tradition of the USC Rugby tour began, which will see the boys travel to far and away places every three years.

In 2003, the club showcased their talents on rugby fields across Austria, Hungary the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Germany. The representative team comprised of 20 tourists, of mixed grade, who spent 21 days showing Europe how a Rugby game is really played! The boys spent two days at DKHS Calone (a sporting facility similar to that Australian Institute of Sport), and came up against many selected provincial sides and University teams. The USC Rugby Club is the first Australian team to have the privilege of touring through Austria.

2009 was the most recent tour with the team travelling to New Zealand for a Sevens tournament.

Honour Board

1997 Heath Sylvester  Al Grant  Chris Thompson Chris Thompson  David Holzl Barry Synott  
1998 Al Grant   Kerry Synott Lyn Sylvestor David Holzl Liam Weir Jonesy
1999 Barry Synott Al Grant Kerry Synott Lyn Sylvestor Darryl Tenneti Mike Wallace & Barry Synott Patrick Weir
2000 Barry Synott Michael Hurley Rebecca McGucken Kerry Synott Mick Weir Mike Wallace Kristian Johnson
2001 Mick Weir David Holzl Peter Scott  Gerard O’Brien Brett Longfield Mike Wallace Trent Smith
2002 Mick Weir David Holzl  Peter Scott Gerard O’Brien Ashley Dionysius Barry Synott Brett Longfield
2003 Mick Weir     Gerard O’Brien Scott Davidson Peter Slattery Trent Smith
2004 Mick Weir     Gerard O’Brien Scott Davidson Patrick Weir Trent Smith
2005 Brad Longfield Ashley Dionysius Frank Barrett Vicki Barrett Lee Barrett Patrick Weir Shane Boyd
2006 Brad Longfield Ashley Dionysius   Garry Fritz Brent Perry Brent Stephens Brad Hofmeister
2007 Brad Longfield Ashley Dionysius   Garry Fritz Brad Rose Brent Stephens Geoff D’Elboux
2008 Shane Bridley Ashley Dionysius Trevor Longfield Garry Fritz Brad Rose Regan Berryman Geoff D’Elboux & Trent Smith
2009 Shane Bridley Brent Stephens Trevor Longfield Garry Fritz Kurt Ludeke Regan Berryman Geoff D’Elboux
2010 Shane Bridley   Trevor Longfield Garry Fritz Adam Fritz Brent Stephens Geoff D’Elboux
2011 Shane Bridley Bob McMillan Trevor Long Field Garry Fritz Adam Fritz John Rangihuna Geoff D'Elboux
2012 James Webb  Bob McMillan   James Laing Gavin Hams Peter Luese  Adam Fritz
2013 Barry Synott  Bob McMillan   James Laing  Gavin Hams Peter Luese  Adam Fritz
2014 Phillip Knight  Bob McMillan    James Laing Jackson Frawley Steve Scotland  Geoff D'Elboux
2015 Phillip Knight  Bob McMillan Rochelle Hatton Dean Neto Dean Neto Steve Scotland Tommy Beattie
2016 Phillip Knight  Bob McMillan  Kylie Smith Hayden Knight Dean Neto Steve Scotland Tommy Beattie
2017 Leah McCabe  Bob McMillan  Kylie Smith Drew Bacon  Sean Kelly Rhys Roberts Matt Leider
2018 Leah McCabe Bob McMillan  Kylie Smith Drew Bacon Corey Te Huia  Keith Davies Matt Leider
2019 Leah McCabe Bob McMillan  Kylie Smith Nicola Fleming Alex Clark  Brad Tronc Mitch Portors
2020 Mark Hudson Doc Fleming  Kylie Smith Nicola Fleming Niall Molloy  Brad Tronc Matt Lieder & Luke Kimber
2021 Mark Hudson  Riaan Van Der Merwe  John WIlliams  Tim Fitzpatrick  Niall Molloy  Brad Tronc  Luke Kimber

Life Members

  • Barry Synott
  • David Holzl
  • Mick Weir
  • Mark Jones
  • Daryl Teneti
  • John Lockhart
  • Berryl Dickson
  • Garry Fritz
  • Ash Dionysius
  • Kevin Devereux

10 Years Service for USC Rugby

  • Brett Longfield
  • Trent Smith
  • Scott Davidson
  • Gerard O’Brien
  • Lee Barrett
  • Brad Hofmeister
  • Brad Longfield
  • Trevor Longfield
  • Adam Fritz
  • Luke Bridley
  • Dean Neto
  • Justin Laing
  • Blake McMillan
  • Kurt Ludeke
  • Sara Bezuidenhout
  • Doc Fleming
  • Vicki Holzl
  • Harry Bezuidenhout
  • Haera Fairfax
  • Macca Fairfax
  • Kaelen Lockhart
  • Geoff De'Elboux
  • Gavin Hams
  • Kurt Holzl
  • Simon Laing
  • Alex Millington
  • John Millington
  • Denham Wicks
  • Ben Church
  • Tom Beattie
  • Shane Te Huia
  • Mitch Portors
  • Chris Rose
  • Tom Barrett
  • James Thompson
  • Leah McCabe
  • Darcy McCabe

100+ Senior games for USC Barbarians (excludes colts)

  • Scott Davidson
  • Trent Smith
  • Lee Barrett
  • Ashley Dionysius
  • Brad Hofmiester
  • Adam Fritz
  • Luke Bridley
  • Brett Longfield 
  • Denham Wicks 
  • Ben Church 
  • Blake McMillan 
  • Geoff D’Elboux
  • Andrew Scotland
  • Justin Laing
  • Dean Neto
  • Mitch Portors
  • Sarah Ridgewell

Blue Card Register

To apply for a blue card, please download, complete, sign and send this form to

Name Blue Card No Expires
Jo-Anne Roberts 527183/3 22 Jul 2022
Sharni Lewis 1831477/1 26 Jul 2022
David Holzl 117731/4 1 Jul 2022
Doc Fleming 921362/2 23 Apr 2019
John Millington 1785287/1 10 Apr 2022


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